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The Qigong classes that I attend regularly really mean a lot to me.
In the group in which a common Qi field is established, the energy level is extremely high, so that
It is much easier for everyone to immerse themselves in the meditative exercises, focusing on the respective body parts
to focus, to open the inner spaces and to fill them with fresh Qi.
After a unit, and of course even more so after a seminar, I feel relaxed and full of new life
Energy and on the way to new goals.

I can only give very good information about the Qigong lessons I have experienced because every lesson is an experience. I feel through meditation and movement
a very deep “being with yourself” that gives me a lot of strength!
Every time it's a great feeling and a wonderful experience!!!

Die letzte Visionsreise bei YOU ARE NEO war eine Erfahrung von einem anderen Stern. Sie verstehen die Kunst eine Atmosphäre zu schaffen in der jeder willkommen ist sich zu öffnen, erfahren und auszutauschen. In einem Raum mit viel Herzkultur und Gemeinschaftssinn fällt es besonders leicht sich vom Stress des Alltags zu lösen und sich neu zu erleben.

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