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"YOU ARE NEO - Association for the Promotion of Holistic Health and Ontology" is an association that is based in Innsbruck and is active worldwide. The association, which also uses the abbreviation NEO, has set itself the goal of combining different arts of life and highlighting their parallels in order to practice and celebrate the art of living. This should lead to a sustainable improvement in the quality of life.

YOU ARE NEO focuses on the research, promotion and education of Taoist, Buddhist and other Far Eastern and primal cultural health teachings and practices from around the world. The association focuses on the mental and physical training of people through health-promoting exercises and teachings. This includes the use of traditional exercises such as QiGong, Chinese and Japanese martial arts, yoga, shamanism, various energetic treatments and meditations. The aim is to enable a harmonious existence with nature and surroundings and to explore the effects of these practices on mental and physical well-being​​.

The Art of Freedom" is an online platform that focuses on personal development and creativity. It is a project of the non-profit association " YOU ARE NEO " that aims to inspire and empower individuals through a wide range of courses and activities This initiative offers a unique blend of learning and creative opportunities to promote personal growth and self-realization.

The project and funding contributions collected through “The Art of Freedom” are used entirely for charitable purposes. These funds serve to support and implement various social and cultural projects as well as to maintain and further develop the “YOU ARE NEO” association. In this way, every support contributes to the promotion of a broader social good.

All projects of the “ YOU ARE NEO ” association are presented on our website, in the community area. This includes public events and the association's locations.

In the online community of "THE ART OF FREEDOM" you automatically receive access to the "ONE Community" as soon as you gain access to our Academy in any way. This affiliation offers a platform for exchange with other members and interested parties of the association. In addition to this common room, exclusive spaces are available for more intensive and specialized courses or training, which become accessible when you purchase the corresponding courses. These offer a deeper examination of the teaching content.

If you want to register with our learning platform, click on the “Academy” menu tab and then under the area - Supporting Membership - YOU ARE NEO on the image and you will be connected to the product page.


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